Choosing the best sensitivity in Fortnite on console is difficult because building speed and aiming precision are at odds with each other. A higher sensitivity allows for faster building, slower sensitivity allows for more precise aiming.

With that said — what do the best console players choose? Here’s a graph:

Player NameSensitivity X / Y
Mero55% / 55%
Deyy43% / 43%
Scoped47% / 47%

For those familiar with NICKMERCs and Noizey, you’ll know they have different playing styles. Nick’s style emphasizes his shooting/aiming ability, while Noizey goes for a more PC player building style, showing off his ability to build at the same level as a high tier PC player.

Their sensitivities reflect that. Noizey uses a much higher sense, 9/7, to be able to quickly build and edit in every which direction. Nicks sense is slower, more precise, which compliments his incredible accuracy. Here’s Nick talking about the subject:

So we are left with a dilemma. Should you choose a high sense for building, or a slow sense for aiming?

Well, if you can learn to control your aim at a high sensitivity, that would be ideal. NICKMERCS has stated he plans to practice at 8/7, with the hope his accuracy will improve at that speed.

One common theme among console players is the desire for EPIC games to create independent settings for building sensitivity and gun sensitivity. This would solve the issue entirely.

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