There are a lot of ways to upgrade your Xbox controller for a better competitive Fortnite experience. In this blog we are going to cover:

  1. Controller Paddles (also button mods)
  2. Analog stick extenders
  3. Hair trigger/ trigger stop kit

1. Xbox Controller Paddles for Fortnite

Ok, paddles are essential to play Fortnite on a controller, unless you are using the claw grip. Paddles allow the player to hit buttons without having to take their fingers off the analog sticks. Think about it — it’s a disaster to have to remove your thumb off the right analog stick (the stick that aims…) to hit the A button to jump. This means you literally can’t jump and aim at the same time. Huge disadvantage. Having a paddle mapped to “A” means you can jump with the paddle, and still aim with your thumb. Most people use 2 paddles, while 4 is also possible with some configurations. If you have an Xbox Elite controller, you can choose whatever configuration you want. If you have a standard Xbox controller, your options are as follows:

  1. Collective Minds Xbox One Mod Pack
  2. eBay button mod

The Collective Minds mod pack is really a godsend for those who can’t afford a Scuf or Xbox Elite controller. It simply replaces the battery pack in  your standard Xbox One controller with paddles. The only downfall is you have to keep your controller plugged into the console. Oh well. It adds serious value to your gameplay, it’s worth it. The other option is to hire someone on eBay, send them your controller, and have them add buttons to the bottom of your controller. This is pretty neat, but buttons aren’t as large as paddles so they are more difficult to hit. The obvious choice is the mod pack. Here’s what it looks like:

Collective Minds just released another option for Xbox players. This has even more buttons you can remap, it looks pretty interesting. Check it out:


And here’s what the eBay service looks like:

As you can see, those buttons are smaller and more difficult to hit. The plus side is your controller remains wireless and it’s a bit cheaper. So if you want an alternative to a Scuf or Elite, those are your options. Ebay or Collective Minds Mod.

But where to map these new paddles?
If you have two paddles, most Fortnite pros map one to edit, and one to jump. Usually the left paddle is jump (A), so your left hand can jump while your right hand can focus on aiming with your right thumb. The right paddle is usually assigned to “edit”. This should be mapped in your Fortnite settings. Most players accomplish tis by mapping “edit” to a button they don’t use, such as D-pad right. Map D-pad right to edit, then assign your right paddle to D-pad right. This way, when you hit your paddle, it will trigger Edit. Vitally, this allows for instant editing, rather than having to use B as both switch mode and edit. You can now map B to simply “switch mode” and right D-pad to “edit”. There will be no edit delay, so you can compete with PC players speed.

It’s vital to use these paddles if you want to compete without a claw grip. It will feel awkward at first, and you will be worse for a few days, but the benefit is huge. Instant editing allows the player to compete with PC players, who have dozens of buttons at their disposal. The controller player only has a few buttons, so adding paddles is a huge upgrade. Play with your keybinds with the thought in mind that you want to keep your thumbs on the analog sticks during fights. This means editing, building, and shooting. A third paddle or button would be useful to map Switch Mode to, so you could switch between building and shooting quickly without moving your thumbs. Some people map edit to their analog stick click in, so they can use a paddle to switch modes.

I also recommend rebinding your editing controls to suit this theme. I recommend using the bumpers for “confirm” and “Reset” so that you don’t have to move your thumbs.

2. Analog Stick Extenders

The tried and true method of raising your sticks up for more control is still used today by many pros. Raising up the analog stick gives the player a larger field of motion.  Xbox players often use extenders, more so than Playstation players, because the sticks are relatively short by default. I recommend these thumbstick extenders on Amazon.

Just snap these puppies onto your sticks and you’ll have greater control. It’s more often used on the right stick than the left, because the aiming stick benefits more from the greater control, though most use them on both.


3. Hair Trigger / Trigger Stops for Xbox Controller

Hair triggers are an obvious essential upgrade. It’s really this simple: do you want your triggers to activate as fast as possible, or not? Do you want your finger to know exactly how far to pull the trigger, or not? Ok, the answer to both of these questions is yes. You want your gun to fire quick and you want to know exactly when it fires. A trigger stop does that by shortening the trigger pull. Now, instead of pulling the trigger all the way down, it stops the trigger after a short pull. This lets you fire your semi-automatic guns much faster, and just generally feels more sharp and quick. The only reason for a long trigger pull is for analog control in a game like a Forza where you might want to feather the gas. It has no place in a competitive shooter. Here’s some hair trigger attachments for your standard Xbox controller for cheap . They are like $15 bucks and are a necessity.

Other ways to upgrade your Xbox Controller

There are other ways to continue to trick out your controller. The most obvious is to use the Collective Minds Mod pack for its macro features. This is, for the most part, cheating and could get you banned, though it is hard to detect. You can use the device to hit combos or rapid-fire semi-auto guns by just holding down the trigger. The mod pack comes with a guide on how to do these things.

Are Xbox Controller Paddles Illegal?

No, adding paddles to your controller is not illegal and will not get you banned. Paddles are becoming more standard on controllers, even sold by Microsoft themself. I believe Microsoft will make a version of their standard controller with paddles as an in-between option for players who can’t afford the Elite.

What pro Fortnite players use Paddles?

Here’s a list of players that use paddles, and a link to their settings/gear pages so you can see their setup for yourself.

  1. Nickmercs
  2. Ghost Aydan
  3. Ghost Ninja
  4. Scoped

Deyy, Mero, and UnknownArmy play claw.