More about TNA Deyy’s settings, accolades, and style

TNA Deyy gained huge recognition after winning the FNCS Trios 2020 with Reverse2k and Mero. He plays claw on a PS4 controller. His settings are unique because of his claw playstyle. More of his equipment will be added as it becomes known. He is known as a hound player, mercilessly killing his opponents with Mero as Reverse2k builds the tarp. He is considered a top tier controller player, next to Unknown, Mero, and Scoped. Learn more about what other top pros use as their sensitivity here.

TNA Deyy’s Twitter reveals he has earned $56,000 in Fortnite competitive earnings. This includes his Trio FNCS win. Deyy resides in Maryland and  therefore plays on NA East. His face is not known to the public. He keeps a relatively low profile, rarely streaming and only sometimes uploading to his YouTube Channel. His followers are growing rapidly on these outlets despite his low profile.