This is our list of tips and tricks to help you not only survive longer in your Fortnite end games but also get more kills, save materials, rotate safer, and make strategic decisions that are going to work time and time again. Doing well in your Fortnite end games is dependent on your ability to recognize certain patterns, quickly interpret information about your surroundings, and execute split-second decisions correctly in the most chaotic of situations. Below is our list of tips and tricks for more late game success in Fortnite.

1. Have your rotation planned out in advance

If it can be helped, do not wait until the zone is already moving to decide where and what you are going to do to safely rotate in. Successful rotations are based on trying to utilize your materials, your movement items, your enemy’s current positions, and the natural landscape to your advantage. The only way to do this effectively is to be constantly scouting and accessing your surroundings. Do not get caught up in spraying enemies as they rotate in and do not tunnel vision on one single rotation option. Use your time to survey the area and determine where the least amount of players are going to be, where the most cover is, and what the path of least resistance is to your destination.

2. Be aware of the map

What we mean by this is that you need to be aware of the geographic features of the surrounding area such as hills, mountains, cliffs, and buildings. This is especially important when looking at where the zone is heading in the near future. An unexpected mountain or valley will kill half of the lobby when they become smothered by builds or run out of materials because they were not planning properly for the future.

3. Identify height

Typically there is almost always a team on height, especially as the zone gets smaller and smaller. This team has several very powerful advantages. They get to use much fewer materials because they do not have to build cover above themselves and minimal cover to their sides. Height is also able to easily shoot downwards on the lobby while being very hard to hit in return. For these reasons it is important to keep track of where height is and be prepared if an opening to take height for yourself opens up. This can be because height can be shot out, they are not moving quickly, or they are able to be built over top of. You should avoid being in the position of second height if possible because you will become the main target of height’s downward spraying since they will consider you the most dangerous threat.

4. Conserve materials

One of the most common ways to die in the Fortnite end game is simply by running out of mats. There are several strategies you should be aware of to help save on materials. The most obvious one would of course be to simply build less. You can do this by only blocking off one side rather than both, using triangle tarps, and by taking low ground so you don’t have to build a floor. You should also be using your surroundings to your advantage to save materials. Look to reuse your opponent’s old tarps and builds after they rotate away. Use the terrain of the map to avoid having to build such as rivers, sand tunnels, and hillside protection. Whatever movement items are available in the current meta should be treated like gold. Get good at using movement items such as bouncers to move massive distances with no materials.

5. Look for loot 

You would be shocked how often you run past a game-changing amount of mats just because you do not have it wired in your brain to be looking for them. You get so caught up in the chaos of the match that you simply forget to look for very important things such as downed bodies and loot piles that you can harpoon. Finding a loot source can change your whole game and being on the lookout for free loot will help you immensely over the course of your Fortnite career.

6. Gettings kills

Aside from running around like a maniac and shotgunning someone in the face, there are other more advanced techniques to getting kills safely in Fortnite end game. If your team is in a good position and you see a freshly built wall or wooden builds then it is a perfect opportunity to team spray. You are very likely to do good damage and cause other teams to focus on your target as well. Being aware of where your opponent’s tarps are can set them up to be dropped down into your builds. This can be done by spraying their floor or editing them down at just the right moment. Having good awareness of your double edits will also allow you to set up quick kills when you are tarping over top of another team. As a good rule of thumb, in the super late game you should always remember to be looking around your edits for a target if you find that you are not being pressured.

7. Know your win condition

Do not get all the way to the top 3 remaining only to have no plan to actually win the match. Sure this is all situational because sometimes getting top 3 can be a huge achievement if you found yourself in a horrible situation. Assuming you are not totally scuffed you should your win condition planned in your mind. For top-level players, this will often be a heal-off in which you have to determine if you can win the heal off or need to attack. If you are in a regular Fornite game then whoever has height at the end of the game will almost always be the winner. The advantage of having height is extremely great. Be prepared to heal, tank storm, and use movement to either get in their face quickly or reposition.