Innocents Headset
“These are what you would expect after spending the money. Cables are good quality Microphone and the sound quality are excellent. One small thing the mute button on the cable keeps getting bumped into mute because of the way the wire hangs and I find myself on phone calls but muted.
Innocent’s head set is an Exceptional Head Set. Use it every day.” Read More Reviews for Innocent’s Headset

Innocent’s Monitor
“Bought 3 of these to upgrade my battlestation and couldn’t be more pleased. It is like that time you went from a mechanical harddrive to a solid state harddrive and your world changed. Innocent’s monitor is a good future proof monitor for when cards could actually hit these kind of FPS so I expect these to last for a good 4 years. I guess you could go buy a 120hz monitor but, 240hz is gonna be better no matter how you think about it and these monitors have some of the slimmest bezels. Side by side its about an inch. Eyefinity works great with this setup as does games that support spreading across 3 monitors like PoE or WoW. These monitors also auto adjust to what you are doing such as watching a movie, gaming, browsing etc so they pretty much hit everything I wanted in a monitor. See the picture and welcome to my new world I live in =)” Read More Reviews for Innocent’s Monitor

Innocent’s Controller

“Short and sweet – this controller looks and feels incredible. At such a good price (controllers usually range from $60-70, especially ones with custom colors), this is a great controller. Save some money and go with this controller instead of design labs or elite controllers.”Read More Reviews for Innocent’s Controller

Game SettingValue
Controller LayoutBuilder Pro
Sensitivity X (Look Horizontal Speed)
Sensitivity Y (Look Vertical Speed)
ADS Sensitivity
Building Sensitivity2.8
Edit Sensitivity3.0
Edit Mode Aim AssistOff
Scoped Sensitivity0.45
Tap to Search/InteractOn
60 FPSOn
Reset Building ChoiceOff
Input curveLinear
Confirm on ReleaseOff
Look H. Speed44%
Look V. Speed41%
All boosts0%
Sprint by defaultOn
L3Toggle pickaxe
Right BumperReset edit
Left TriggerConfirm edit
HUD scale70%
Colorblind modeTritanope 5
Builds (ramp, floor, cone, wall)Default builder pro
YSwitch mode
Innocents plays with fellas like Scoped and Co1azo. He plays controller with claw grip. He is one of the few pros using claw on an xbox controller. He’s very good but is known to sleep in.

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