Video Settings Value
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Frame Rate Limit 240
Color Blind Mode None
Quality Presets Low
View Distance Medium
Mouse Sens Value
X-Axis Sensitivity 9.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 9.0%
Targeting Sensitivity 30.0%
Scope Sensitivity 30.0%
DPI 800
Keyboard Binds Value
Use Mouse Wheel Up
Harvesting Tool Q
Weapon Slots 1-5 2,E,R,4,X
Wall Thumb Mouse Button
Floor DPI Button (N)
Ramp Thumb Mouse Button
Cone L-Shift
Trap C
Edit F
Confirm Edit on Release No
Mongraal’s Mouse
“Bought Mongraal’s mouse following my friends’ advice, and I’m really happy. The sensor feels very smooth, which is the reason I changed my old mouse. Follows my fast flicks perfectly while gaming.”Read More Reviews of Mongraal’s Mouse

Mongraal’s Keyboard
“I’ve been using a smaller mechanical keyboard for a few years now and as time progressed, I really was missing out on the number pad and the extra space the regular size keyboards afford. I tried out a few mechanical keyboards at a Best Buy and Mongraal’s keyboard was the one that felt the nicest and had the aspects I was looking for the most. That being said, it is a little pricey and from what I’ve read, spending a few extra bucks for the “better” switches, seems like it would have been a better idea in the long run, though I am very happy with this purchase as is.
Read More Reviews of Mongraal’s Keyboard

Mongraal’s Monitor

“I bought and cancelled this item twice before it shipped for two reasons: one because I’m nuts, and two because I thought I would be dissapointed going from 1440 to 1080p. To add to this, $500 is not an easy pill to swallow especially coming from 1440p g-sync to 1080p Dyac.

Coming from the Asus PG279q in 1440p, I can tell you confidently that while gaming FPS games, Battlefield, Pubg and a little CSGO, I can hardly tell the difference between 1080 and 1440 in terms of the color dynamics (more on this later). The most amazing part of this experience for me has been the speed of the monitor. This is what separates the two.

While in a fight with the Zowie, you can see EVERYTHING without screen shaking because of the Dyac, Black equalizer, and AMA. The monitor processes movement and light better than the Asus in FPS gaming. It is also noticeably smoother than the Asus in FPS gaming. There is no blur or latency. Missing out on kills because 20 people are running around spamming grenades in battlefield doesn’t happen. I have gotten kills with this monitor that I was not getting with the Asus. In Pubg as well, you will see everything especially enemies in windows and in shadows. Your reaction times and performance are going to improve.

I spent about two weeks trying to get the color combination correct to make this monitor replicate what I have been seeing in 1440p and I totally did it (or came extremely close). I actually disconnected the Zowie and played on the Asus for one night, then when back to the Zowie and found the settings that make it look as good. Getting the color settings correct is totally do-able. Don’t fret if you are dissapointed with what you see out of the box. You will have to tweek it. If you have been living in the 1440p world, you’ll be able reproduce the joy you found when you made your first 1440p purchase.

I played Arkham Knight and Fallout 4 to test the graphics and the Zowie is nearly as amazing in 1080. The Asus PG279q is an amazing monitor that I love, still use, and can’t be pried from my hands. But for FPS gaming, the Zowie is the go to.

There have been people on the fence as I was, especially those who use 1440p g-sync monitors and play FPS games. Don’t be. You will be happy and astonished at what this monitor will do for your FPS performance. Don’t get me wrong, I love the PG279q and I can FPS game on that thing all day long and I still love it, but the Zowie is just snappier. It has made me a better player because I can see enemies much better. It’s important also to have a system that can drive the monitor too. I am running a 6700k,1080ti, 32 ram.” Read More Reviews of Mongraal’s Monitor

Mongraal’s Headset

“I had the astro a50s before Mongraal’s headset. I used both for ps4 and this is by far the best headset (wireless) i had for my ps4. I also had the razer thresher 7.1. Both with the thresher and a50 I would get feedback which was apparently caused by sidetones, which neither headsets allow to be adjusted. The arctis pro wireless does allow to adjust for sidetones so if youre constantly getting feedback cause of sidetones, that shouldnt be an issue with these. The sound is superb although I heard the sound on the wired and gamedac version is better but wireless is important for me as I have a toddler running around. The battery swap function is also a plus as you never have to worry if you forgot to charge as long as you keep one in the transmitter. They are also really comfortable. For the price range, it really comes down to these or the astros and speaking as someone who has both, go with these.” Read more reviews of Mongraal’s headset

Faze Mongraal is an extremely popular and highly skilled Fortnite player in the EU region who is considered to be one of the best pros in all of Fortnite. Mongraal has both excellent aim and building mechanics. Faze Mongraal has seen consistent top finishes dating all the way back to the first Fortnite World Cup solos and duos, as well as winning the 2020 Trios FNCS EU with fellow Fortnite pros Mitro and Tayson. Mongraal can be found streaming on Twitch, on Twitter, and uploads Fortnite gameplay to his YouTube.

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