Video Settings Value
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Frame Rate Limit 237
Color Blind Mode None
Quality Presets Low
View Distance Near
Mouse Sens Value
X-Axis Sensitivity 8.1%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 8.1%
Targeting Sensitivity 70%
Scope Sensitivity 95%
DPI 1450
Keyboard Binds Value
Use E
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slots 1-5 2,3,4,5,6
Wall F
Floor G
Ramp T
Cone L-Shift
Trap F5
Edit R
Confirm Edit on Release No
MrSavage’s Mouse
“Best gaming mouse I have tried to date. Extremely surprised by how much I liked this due to the odd shape. To keep it short and simple. MrSavage’s mouse stands above all competition in a few things. A shape that keeps you consistent in grip and aim. Outstanding build quality. The scroll wheel is the best iv used. The coating is really nice, makes it more comfortable, and helps with grip. Zero movements in housing, no QC issues. No software issues. Just make sure you download swarm and then update the firmware.”Read More Reviews of MrSavage’s Mouse
MrSavage’s Keyboard
“I had never bought anything from Roccat before and I must say, MrSavage’s keyboard is a very nice keyboard. It’s lovely to type on and it looks great. What’s very cool about it is it has it’s own character to it rather then looking like all other mechanical keyboards. Their design is very nice to look at and is actually easier to clean then your typical mechanical keyboard as well.” Read More Reviews of MrSavage’s Keyboard
MrSavage’s Headset
“I have owned MrSavage’s headset for a few months now and I love it so far. Roccat Has updated the software four times and every time the sound gets better and better. Sounds very good and I highly doubt you will find a better one for the price. Has quite a few options in the software for a budget headset also.” Read more reviews of MrSavage’s headset
MrSavage’s Mousepad

“There’s not much to say other than it’s a great pad. I’ve bought several mousepads over the year and quite a few mice to boot. I just like testing different combinations of mice, mouse sensitivities, and mousepads to see how my gaming experience changes. I should note, I’m into shooters and I get really persnickety about my ability to aim and track targets on my screen. I definitely think MrSavage’s mousepad is a solid choice.” Read more reviews of MrSavage’s mousepad

100T MrSavage is a very popular and successful Fortnite pro who has built up a large fan following by streaming competitive live on Twitch, uploading regularly to his Youtube channel with highlight videos and competitive gameplay, as well as posting on Twitter. MrSavage is a top-tier caliber Fortnite player and has placed highly in many competitive Fortnite events on the EU server. MrSavage has risen in popularity by playing alongside fellow EU professionals Benjyfishy and LetShe in the past. Currently, 1ooT MrSavage has seen consistent success with his competitive trio comprised of fellow Fortnite pros GUILD TаySon and apeks IDrop 7.

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