ops‘s Settings
Video Settings Value
Resolution 1750 × 1080
Frame Rate Limit 240
Color Blind Mode None
Quality Presets Low
View Distance Near
Mouse Sens Value
X-Axis Sensitivity 12.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 12.0%
Targeting Sensitivity 15.0%
Scope Sensitivity 50.0%
DPI 800
Keyboard Binds Value
Use E
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slots 1-5 2,3,4,5,6
Wall V
Floor N
Ramp B
Cone T
Trap F4
Edit G
Confirm Edit on Release No
ops‘s Setup
ops‘s Mouse
“Logitech has a stellar reputation in the PC peripheral world. It was one of the deciding factors that Lead me to the G403 Hero 25k. It has everything I was looking for in a new gaming mouse: accurate, lightweight, reliable software, quality cable, well built, and comfortable.”Read More Reviews of ops‘s Mouse
ops‘s Keyboard
“The board is well built, feels solid, and the weight makes it feel premium. Logitech software makes the set up very seamless, and I love the clicky GX blue keys they have implemented into this board. TKL keyboards are the way to go if space is a concern and logitech chose a good button layout.” Read More Reviews of ops‘s Keyboard
ops‘s Headset
“This headset is great. I have Astro A50s, HyperX Alphas, and the HyperX Cloud ll. Does this headset blow all these other headsets out? No. I do believe for the price point, they are a good contender. One thing without a doubt, the Blue Vo!ce microphone on this headset is far superior than any other headset/microphone combo. Microphone quality is great, presets modes sound great with a lot of customization to what YOU prefer. First compliment when I joined my friends with this microphone, “You sound so professional”.” Read more reviews of ops‘s headset
ops‘s Monitor
“Honestly this monitor is pretty damn good. if you can get the frames for it you’ll notice a difference in how even more smooth gameplay is when you consistently get more then 144 frames. such as 200 or so. i play competitive rainbow six siege and i can say this helps compete at a higher level. First day playing, no dead pixels, or shitty color noticed. im pretty happy with this monitor overall and i recommend it highly.” Read more reviews of ops‘s monitor

TSM ops or ops1x is a very popular Fortnite pro who has have good success in the Fortnite competitive scene and grown into a very successful role as a Fornite wager tournament and event host. Ops frequently hosts, commentates, and manages wager tournaments in the Fortnite big money wager scene, going so far as to start working with sponsors directly for this purpose. Ops1x is on eof the few Fortnite pros who has deep connections with both the Fortnite competitive side and the wager side of the community. You can find Ops streaming often on Twitch using his popular channer ops1x, posting on Twitter under his handle @opsqt, and posting lots of Fortnite content to his YouTube channel TSM Ops that features both himself and various pros. Ops goes by the username TSM.OPSGRAAL in game.

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