Userz‘s Settings
Video Settings Value
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Frame Rate Limit 240
Quality Presets Low
Mouse Sens Value
X-Axis Sensitivity 8.1
Y-Axis Sensitivity 8.2
DPI 800
Keyboard Binds Value
Edit F
Confirm Edit on Release Off
Userz‘s Setup
Userz‘s Mouse
“Been playing mostly FPS games since 95 and have been into mice ever since testing them and competing with them and I try even ones I think and even know I wont like or use. This one however is my new number 1 its the perfect weight and I have tried modified mice that weigh as little as 35 grams which is actually too light I think 55 to 80 grams now days is the way to go with what we have available. I went from my primary as my Viper Ultimate to this, it’s much better in my opinion the new coating is top notch, no double click issues (never had them with the original anyways after owning it before launch) Scroll wheel is excellent.”Read More Reviews of Userz‘s Mouse
Userz‘s Keyboard
“The Wooting One keyboard is labeled as the first ever analog gaming keyboard, which basically means that the switches can detect different amounts of pressure on the keys and relay that information to video games that are compatible with analog input. This is a huge help to games such as racing and shooting games. The “analog” label is what makes the Wooting One standout. It is its main feature along with some other useful features.” Read More Reviews of Userz‘s Keyboard
Userz‘s Headset
“This headset is great. I have Astro A50s, HyperX Alphas, and the HyperX Cloud ll. Does this headset blow all these other headsets out? No. I do believe for the price point, they are a good contender. One thing without a doubt, the Blue Vo!ce microphone on this headset is far superior than any other headset/microphone combo. Microphone quality is great, presets modes sound great with a lot of customization to what YOU prefer. First compliment when I joined my friends with this microphone, “You sound so professional”.” Read more reviews of Userz‘s headset
Userz‘s Monitor
“Great photo quality, as well as having many settings and preset modes for many games. And something I really appreciated was 2 hdmi slots since it really helped out with the fact that I do use a pc and a ps4. And one thing to really appreciate is the fact it only take like 3 minutes to put together.” Read more reviews of Userz‘s monitor

Userz made a smash on the Fortnite scene when he won NA East Chapter 2 Season 7 FNCS with Duke and Justicee. Trios edition. They took it down in style, and now Userz is in the books as a top contender for the Fortnite World Cup 2 (TBD).

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