Rocaine‘s Settings
Video Settings Value
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Frame Rate Limit 240
Quality Presets Low
Mouse Sens Value
X-Axis Sensitivity 8.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 8.0%
Targeting Sensitivity 100.0%
Scope Sensitivity 100.0%
DPI 800
Keyboard Binds Value
Use Tab
Harvesting Tool Z
Weapon Slots 1-5 Q,E,X,2,3
Wall Mouse 4
Floor C
Ramp Mouse 5
Cone L-Shift
Trap T
Edit F
Confirm Edit on Release No
Rocaine‘s Setup
Rocaine‘s Mouse
“Just an epic mouse guys. If you’re on the fence, I’d say just go watch some youtube on it. Linus tech tips does a great review and comparison on this mouse. No matter what, at this point a mouse in the “top 10″ for competitive gaming have reached a peak. You won’t even know the difference from mouse to mouse in this category. Even if a new mouse came out tomorrow and claimed to be LITERALLY 100,000 times faster in EVERY way like polling rate / latency etc… The human eye CAN’T notice the difference at this point.”Read More Reviews of Rocaine‘s Mouse
Rocaine‘s Keyboard
“Adjusting the actuation is great! I can feel the difference in games with their super fast actuation. Typing is just the reverse though, I have a lot of typos with the super fast actuation. Which isn’t a problem at all, because you can switch profiles on the fly and have one of the best typing experiences imaginable with super deep 3.6 mm actuation point. It’s like having multiple keyboards at once, and being able to change them effortlessly to suit the task at hand.” Read More Reviews of Rocaine‘s Keyboard
Rocaine‘s Headset
“This headset is excellent but has two flaws that have any significance. One is the microphone can be a floppy, it is not rigid in it’s slot and so moving your head can cause it to move which makes noise for people listening to you, but it’s not that bad. If this were the only issue i would give it 5 stars. However, it is not, the head band, though it is the most comfortable of any headset i have used, and i have used many, is connected by thin bands of plastic to the frame of the headset.” Read more reviews of Rocaine‘s headset
Rocaine‘s Monitor
“Great photo quality, as well as having many settings and preset modes for many games. And something I really appreciated was 2 hdmi slots since it really helped out with the fact that I do use a pc and a ps4. And one thing to really appreciate is the fact it only take like 3 minutes to put together.” Read more reviews of Rocaine‘s monitor

OA Rocaine is a very highly ranked and successful Fortnite pro who plays competitive Fortnite on the NAE server. OA Rocaine consistently places very highly in Fortnite events including cash cups, Dreamhacks, daily cups, and FNCS. Rocaine’s teammates swap around somewhat be he always tends to place highly against the very best Fortnite players in the world. You can catch Rocaine streaming on his Twitch channel Rocaineg, posting on his Twitter @RocaineG, and sometimes uploading Fortnite highlights to his Youtube channel RocaineG. In-game he goes by the username OA Rocaine.

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