Tragix‘s Settings
Video Settings Value
Resolution 1920 × 1080
Frame Rate Limit 240
Color Blind Mode Off
Quality Presets Low
View Distance Near
Mouse Sens Value
X-Axis Sensitivity 8.5
Y-Axis Sensitivity 8.5
Targeting Sensitivity 24.7
Scope Sensitivity 25.8
DPI 400
Keyboard Binds Value
Use E
Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slots 1-5 2-6
Wall Q
Floor F
Ramp C
Cone Mouse button
Trap V
Edit G
Confirm Edit on Release On
Tragix‘s Setup
Tragix‘s Mouse
“Been playing mostly FPS games since 95 and have been into mice ever since testing them and competing with them and I try even ones I think and even know I wont like or use. This one however is my new number 1 its the perfect weight and I have tried modified mice that weigh as little as 35 grams which is actually too light I think 55 to 80 grams now days is the way to go with what we have available. I went from my primary as my Viper Ultimate to this, it’s much better in my opinion the new coating is top notch, no double click issues (never had them with the original anyways after owning it before launch) Scroll wheel is excellent.”Read More Reviews of Tragix‘s Mouse
Tragix‘s Keyboard
“I’ve been using a smaller mechanical keyboard for a few years now and as time progressed, I really was missing out on the number pad and the extra space the regular size keyboards afford. I tried out a few mechanical keyboards at a Best Buy and this was the one that felt the nicest and had the aspects I was looking for the most. That being said, it is a little pricey and from what I’ve read, spending a few extra bucks for the “better” switches, seems like it would have been a better idea in the long run, though I am very happy with this purchase as is.
Read More Reviews of Tragix‘s Keyboard
Tragix‘s Headset
“First of all, this headset is the best I’ve ever owned, by far. The sound is high quality, the microphone works perfectly and comes with a free windscreen, and it has very comfortable ear pads with an extra set of velvet ones included. BUT, the microphone WILL BE DEFECTIVE upon arrival, and you need to do something to solve the problem and restore the headset to functionality. By default, the headset comes with firmware version 0030, which contains a microphone-breaking glitch. To use the microphone on this headset, you will need to go to the official HyperX download page for the Cloud II headset and get the latest version, 0010. I’m not sure why the number is lower, or why they don’t ship them with this preinstalled, but this was an IMMEDIATE solution for me, so make sure to keep that in mind before buying these.” Read more reviews of Tragix‘s headset
Tragix‘s Monitor

“Alright I’m a pro player (Salaried) and having 240hz is a huge game play difference from 144hz. If you’re an Esports player to try be at the top of your game I’d recommend a 240hz monitor + at least 240FPS in game at all times. This monitor is a beast and it comes with custom crosshairs for those games that don’t wanna give you crosshairs. I’d recommend it to any one trying to go professional in gaming.” Read more reviews of Tragix‘s monitor

TRAGIX is known for being loud, passionate, and a great keyboard and mouse Fortnite player. He currently is signed to ENDLESS. He has a YouTube Channel, an Instagram @tragixfn_, and a discord.

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