So you want to play Fortnite on PC, but you’re on the budget of a McDonalds worker living with mom and dad before having to pay bills. Or you’re an adult who actually has to pay bills. Or you just don’t care that much about video games but you want a PC to play Fortnite. OK well regardless we will find a cheap solution for you.

Fortnite has some simple minimum requirements, courtesy of

Mkay, so we absolutely need to hit those minimum benchmarks or your dads TI-83 calculator would get more frames playing Crisis than you will on your new Fortnite-playing-chick-magnet-machine.

Let’s get started.

First things first, the crown jewel. The tower. This is where we need to spend the bulk of our chump change. We can skimp on the headset, mouse, keyboard, etc. But the tower? Nah. Check out this beauty:

Wooooow. Ok, so this renewed HP EliteDesk has 32GB of ram, 4TB HDD, NVidia 710…. What the heck? It’s almost too good to be true. This is a gaming SNAG for $458.

This quadruples the minimum requirements for Fortnite. And it’s small too, cause that’s cool. You can fit it in your big back pack and when people try to kick you they will break their toes against this gaming behemoth.

Best part is, this sucker comes with a mouse and keyboard. We just need a $42 monitor! Let’s get shake baking. This will not be easy.


Ok, let’s be honest. This is the cheapest monitor I could find, period. ‘Bad’ is relative, but this thing is objectively terrible. That said, it is $40 and the response time is REALLY not bad, at 5 ms. This will play Fortnite, but it won’t do your love life any favors. If any girl saw this she would instantly shrivel up and wish she had stuck with her gut instead of her heart and dated the football player.

So there you have it. A full Fortnite setup for less than $500, before shipping, tax, hidden fees, ETC. I was going to put that all in the title but Google said it was too long and would lose them money. I really hope this gaming setup does wonders for your building career — Fortnite is truly a mystical game of architecture and window-making. Cone’s galore is the subtitle to your new life as a 90ing pretentious kid.

If you scrounge together a few more quarters from the fountain you should upgrade your mouse and keyboard — these freebees are usually not worth their weight in plastic. However, like the great Goku, you may train with these tools and upon upgrade you might run faster.

Maybe you could afford Mongraal’s setup

He uses the Logitech G402 and the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL. These really are not meant for poor budget players, however, so maybe invest your pennies in the stock market and in 20 years you can buy these on sale at some sort of ancient computer bitcoin marketplace for double the price, since by then they will be artifacts. Click the pictures below for the current prices on these state-of-the-art gaming peripherals that you can’t afford.